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Qigong Learning Courses
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The natural relaxation of the (body) position is a prerequisite for the smooth breathing and inducing the spirit of relaxation. Different positions have different physiological characteristics, the posture itself also plays a certain role in the treatment of. The common position is flat and free to sit cross legged, single disc knee, supine, lateral, stop, walking etc..

Meditation meditation (aligning) refers to a stable state of quiet, with no distractions, concentrate on one point, namely, omphaloskepsis or pay more attention to the breath, a weakening of the external stimulus into the feeling of waking, like as not known state, in which the brain cortex into protective inhibition. There are five kinds of commonly used methods of meditation:

1 means to obey the law.

2 random interest method.

3 number method.

4 meditation method.

5 listen to the law.

The above five kinds of aligning method still can be started from the beginning of training will gradually transition to the law, with interest or interest to law, or always practicing a kind, can It differs from man to man.

Breathing (Pranayama) is an important part of the respiratory Qigong therapy. Through the exercise, modified thoracic breathing for abdominal breathing, change to shallow breathing deep breathing, finally become spontaneous diaphragmatic breath. There are 8 commonly used methods of breathing:

Natural breathing.

CIS respiration.

Reverse respiration.

Stop breathing.

Nasal suction method.

Qi Tong Ren and Du breathing.

Latent respiration method.

Real interest method.

To practice breathing in the basic law of nature under the guidance of soft gradually achieve long, fine, slow, must not be anxious.


Qigong is different, its characteristics and requirements are different, but the common requirements are: loose static nature, hand in hand, a day care practice in combination with a combination of static and dynamic, step by step, people vary due to illness, persevere, life. Most of the above requirements, applicable to all kinds of Qigong practitioners practicing some specific work, according to the specific requirements of this kind of qigong. Generally mental illness, bleeding, high fever, a variety of acute diseases and acute infectious diseases should not practice qigong.

The day after tomorrow with a synthetic air congenital vitality Hao Ran upright Kung Fu; implementation of self adjustment, self training, fitness and longevity of the science of life. Gas sensing

A sense of being a hot, numb, or itching sensation in a part of the body. Although the sense of gas is most people who practice Qigong some experience, but the cause of the sense of gas has not been studied.

There's a theory that qigong is an illusion, but the illusion is not meaningless, it is in order to replace the real signal simulation of sensory signal, driving the autonomic nerve of psychosomatic effects (dream "psychosomatic effects say"). The expansion and anesthesia of Qigong can drive the repair of autonomic nervous system and achieve the purpose of body building.

In addition, some of the time, the physiological response will always be Qigong who refers to the "gas":

When the depth of relaxation, the micro blood vessels in the microcirculation of a variety of feeling, the majority is warm, if there is a tingling, the Chinese medicine also said that this is a "wind"". Beginners often say that this is the gas to the fingertips".

Deep breathing, blood strong, limb brain get adequate blood and oxygen supply when the spirit of refreshing feeling. Often described as "feel a surge of gas," and even the size of Sunday's operation, internal force, etc..

Similar to mime or self hypnosis, try to influence the consciousness is not easy to control the position of the feeling (visceral like involuntary). Sometimes in a limb will rarely do pose (different zhuanggong), center of gravity, with the usual loading position is different, with vision and breathing, thus stimulating to some little place and visceral organs, which are sports, for practitioners of a less common, but very comfortable personal realm of experience. This will often be called to Italy gas, gas to the conductor, and open up the heart meridian, lung meridian...... Wait。

Bio electrical reaction of the nerve, such as meat, and even jump brow jumps cramps. If the reaction is Qigong hope it happens, or in the control and anticipation, might say it is "big magic"; if it is not want it to happen, or out of control occurs, is called "the deviation", and "zouhuorumo"

Originally, in modern terms on the above statement, gas sense into science can explain things rather than illusion, with Western Scientific Dialogue and exchange, but due to the lack of "Yin and Yang, deficiency and excess, and five for the kind of gossip vocabulary, making traditional or old generation Qigong from learners feel right away, seemed to belittle the qigong like, and may even be ridiculed as dizzy.

In the process of practicing Qigong, people often have some strange experience. More common sense of gas, feel sensitive, calm and so on.

Shengjing Shan, situated in Weihai, Shandong, China, is well-known as one of the most professional representatives who teaches qigong learning courses in China. Should you are interested in Chinese Kungfu, our school has many experienced masters at your service. From the origin and feature introduction to basic exercises and professional trainning, you can learn with our masters face to face or through video course.

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